Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Pattern and Design Blog

This blog is dedicated to my stuff, the stuff you lot seem interested in...

I will be putting any patterns, tips, techniques, etc, I have written up, or am trying to write up. If like me you want to get to the pattern first, this blog means you can use my stuff without having to read the rambling posts I usually write. You can read them if you want! In fact I would love if you did, and said hello... But this blog is dedicated to the stuff, a few people have been asking me about. Namely "How did you do that?"

Please bear with me as I try to re-organise my thoughts, my life, and my stuff...

Here's a few brief notes I'd like you to read before using anything on this blog.

If in doubt
Just ask!

- Anything on this blog has been designed or improvised by me, so copyright blah-de-blah are mine, unless otherwise stated. Items can be made for personal use only.
- Some of the items have been designed specifically for use with a charity project, those items are sellable but only if the money goes to that particular charity.
- Some of the patterns are UNTESTED. Just be aware of the fact there could be an error, if there is something you don't understand, or a mistake, please let me know.
-if you link/use any of my images please let me know, you can email or tweet

That's it!!


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